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Amon Amarth - Discografia

País de origen:



Año de creación:

Melodic Death Metal

Temas liricos:
Vikingos, La guerra, la mitología nórdica, la destrucción

Etiqueta actual:
Metal Blade Records

Thor Arise(Demo)(1993)

1.Risen from the Sea 05:43
2.Atrocious Humanity 05:54
3.Army of Darkness 05:26
4.Thor Arise 06:30
5.Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Black Sabbath Cover) 04:22
Tiempo total:27:55

The Arrival of the Fimbul Winter(Demo)(1994)

1.Burning Creation 04:48
2.The Arrival of the Fimbul Winter 04:38
3.Without Fear 04:42
Tiempo total:14:08

Sorrow Throughout the Nine Worlds(EP)(5 de Abril de 1996)

1.Sorrow Throughout the Nine Worlds 03:50
2.The Arrival of the Fimbul Winter 04:26
3.Burning Creation 05:03
4.The Mighty Doors of the Speargod's Hal 05:42
5.Under the Grayclouded Winter Sky 05:38
Tiempo total:24:39

Once Sent from the Golden Hall(12 de Febrero de 1998)

1.Ride for Vengeance 04:28
2.The Dragons' Flight Across the Waves 04:34
3.Without Fear 04:55
4.Victorious March 07:57
5.Friends of the Suncross 04:43
6.Abandoned 06:01
7.Amon Amarth 08:06
8.Once Sent from the Golden Hall 04:12
Tiempo total:44:51

The Avenger(2 de Septiembre del 1999)

1.Bleed for Ancient Gods 04:31
2.The Last with Pagan Blood 05:39
3.North Sea Storm 04:56
4.Avenger 07:11
5.God, His Son and Holy Whore 04:06
6.Metalwrath 03:50
7.Legend of a Banished Man 06:06
Tiempo total:36:12

The Crusher(18 de Mayo del 2001)

1.Bastards of a Lying Breed 05:33
2.Masters of War 04:35
3.The Sound of Eight Hooves 04:50
4.Risen from the Sea (2000) 04:27
5.As Long As the Raven Flies 04:04
6.A Fury Divine 06:36
7.Annihilation of Hammerfest 05:03
8.The Fall Through Ginnungagap 05:21
9.Releasing Surtur's Fire 05:30
10.Eyes of Horror (Possessed Cover, Bonus Track) 03:34
Tiempo total:49:33

Versus the World(18 de Noviembre del 2002)

1.Death in Fire 04:54
2.For the Stabwounds in Our Backs 04:56
3.Where Silent Gods Stand Guard 05:46
4.Versus the World 05:22
5.Across the Rainbow Bridge 04:51
6.Down the Slopes of Death 04:08
7.Thousand Years of Oppression 05:42
8.Bloodshed 05:13
9....And Soon the World Will Cease to Be 06:57
Tiempo total:47:49

Fate of Norns Release Shows - Amon Amarth / Impious / Fragments of Unbecoming / Disillusion(Split)( 4 de Septiembre del 2004)

1.Amon Amarth - The Fate of Norns (album version) 05:56
2.Amon Amarth - Pursuit of Vikings (album version) 04:29
3.Amon Amarth - Pursuit of Vikings (demo version) 04:43
4.Amon Amarth - Once Sealed in Blood (demo version) 05:12
5.Amon Amarth - Ride for Vengeance 04:27
6.Amon Amarth - The Last With Pagan Blood 05:35
7.Amon Amarth - Masters of War 04:35
8.Amon Amarth - For the Stabwounds in Our Back 04:56
9.Fragments of Unbecoming - Shapes of the Pursuers 05:05
10.Disillusion - Fall 04:54
11.Impious - Hellucinations 03:03
Tiempo total:52:55

Fate of Norns(6 de Septiembre del 2004)

1.An Ancient Sign of Coming Storm 04:38
2.Where Death Seems to Dwell 04:58
3.The Fate of Norns 05:58
4.The Pursuit of Vikings 04:30
5.Valkyries Ride 04:57
6.The Beheading of a King 03:24
7.Arson 06:48
8.Once Sealed in Blood 04:50
Tiempo total:40:03

With Oden on Our Side(22 de Septiembre del 2006)

1.Valhall Awaits Me 04:43
2.Runes to My Memory 04:32
3.Asator 03:04
4.Hermod's Ride to Hel - Lokes Treachery, Part 1 04:40
5.Gods of War Arise 06:02
6.With Oden on Our Side 04:34
7.Cry of the Black Birds 03:49
8.Under the Northern Star 04:17
9.Prediction of Warfare 06:36
Tiempo total:42:17

Twilight of the Thunder God(17 de Septiembre del 2008)

1.Twilight of the Thunder God 04:08
2.Free Will Sacrifice 04:08
3.Guardians of Asgaard 04:23
4.Where Is Your God? 03:11
5.Varyags of Miklagaard 04:18
6.Tattered Banners and Bloody Flags 04:30
7.No Fear for the Setting Sun 03:54
8.The Hero 04:04
9.Live for the Kill 04:12
10.Embrace of the Endless Ocean 06:44
Tiempo total:43:31

Greatest Hits - Hymns to the Rising Sun(Compilation)(8 de Septiembre 2010)

1.Twilight of the Thunder God 04:08
2.Guardians of Asgaard 04:23
3.Live for the Kill 04:09
4.Varyags of Miklagaard 04:18
5.Runes to My Memory 04:32
6.Cry of the Black Birds 03:49
7.Hermod's Ride to Hel 04:40
8.Asator 03:04
9.Pursuit of Vikings 04:30
10.Fate of Norns 05:57
11.Death in Fire 04:54
12.Where Silent Gods Stand Guard 05:56
13.Victorious March 07:55
14.Children of the Grave (Black Sabbath cover) 05:21
Tiempo total:01:07:36

Surtur Rising(23 de Marzo del 2011)

1.War of the Gods 04:33
2.Töck's Taunt - Loke's Treachery Part II 05:58
3.Destroyer of the Universe 03:41
4.Slaves of Fear 04:25
5.Live Without Regrets 05:03
6.The Last Stand of Frej 05:37
7.For Victory or Death 04:30
8.Wrath of the Norsemen 03:44
9.A Beast Am I 05:14
10.Doom Over Dead Man 05:55
Tiempo total:48:40

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